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New hospital building in Pomerania

MedExpress Team


Published June 13, 2023 08:42

New hospital building in Pomerania - Header image
A new building for the gynecology-obstetrics-neonatal clinics of the Pomorzany Hospital in Szczecin has been put into use. The relocation of units from Building A to the newly constructed Building A2 is underway.

The four-story building (first floor and three floors) of the Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 2 PUM in Szczecin is slowly filling up with patients and the smallest patients. To begin with, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Ward, the Neonatal Pathology Clinic and the Neonatal Pathology Outpatient Clinic have already changed their location.

The move is the result of the completion of the next stage of the project to expand and modernize the obstetrics-gynecology-neonatal clinics of Building A. It included the construction of a modern, 4-story A2 building, which will eventuall...

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