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Citizen nurses' project: any change in the law is opening Pandora's box

MedExpress Team

Published Feb. 21, 2024 10:06

Citizen nurses' project: any change in the law is opening Pandora's box - Header image
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Work on the citizens' bill to amend the law on minimum wages in health care has begun - and already the first meeting of the subcommittee has shown the scale of the problem and the divisions among the workers affected by the law. The Minister of Health announces the search for a rational compromise, which on the one hand gives hope that there will be some changes in the law, on the other hand is a signal that passing the draft prepared by nurses is not an option.

The emergency subcommittee tasked with preparing the draft, submitted by the nurses, for further work deliberated for more than two hours on Tuesday late afternoon, and still did not even move on to parliamentary discussion - only representatives of the social side practically spoke.

As Krystyna Ptok, chairwoman of the OZZPiP, representing the applicants, said, the draft amendments to the law are the aftermath of ignoring the position of nurses and midwives at all stages of the work on the minimum wage law. - The opinion of the Trade Union Forum, on the occasion of successive amendments, was ignored. Our doubts are confirmed by the current situation, when a huge number of nurses are in labor courts. There are a huge number of these cases nationwide, and they are mostly won," she remin...

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