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Draft Code of Medical Ethics released for public consultation

MedExpress Team

Published Jan. 30, 2024 13:00

Draft Code of Medical Ethics released for public consultation - Header image
At a recent meeting of the Supreme Medical Council, a resolution was adopted to submit a draft of a new Code of Medical Ethics for local government and public consultation. Its amendment is aimed at ensuring high standards of ethical conduct in the medical profession and adapting to new challenges and expectations in the medical field. The work to date on updating the regulations has been summarized by the chairman of the NRL's Committee on Medical Ethics, Artur de Rosier, emphasizing that any interested party will have the opportunity to review the draft and submit their comments and suggestions. It is particularly important to take into account the opinions of both professional medical organizations and patients and the medical community.

- The current version of the draft is in summary form, containing both the new articles of the Code and those that have been retained from the current legislation. In addition, comments explaining and interpreting the individual articles are also included - these have been compiled from the discussions that accompanied the publication of the proposed changes on the Supreme Medical Council's website. We also relied on the Commission's studies from the previous two terms, which unfortunately did not live to see adoption at the Extraordinary National Medical Congress...

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