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OZZL Residents' Agreement

Fight the prescribers, not the doctors!

MedExpress Team


Published July 11, 2023 09:36

Fight the prescribers, not the doctors! - Header image
The All-Poland Physicians Trade Union and the OZZL Residents' Agreement have announced a protest of doctors called "Fight the prescribers, not the doctors!", which will take place on 13.07 at 13:00 at 15 Miodowa Street in Warsaw.

In an attempt to curb the activities of prescribers, the Health Minister has imposed a limit on the maximum number of prescriptions per day for doctors. The solution is not only proving ineffective in achieving its goal, but is also hurting PCPs and their patients. Therefore, we protest against preventing our work and endangering our patients.

- If solutions beating pathology unfairly hurt ANY doctor or doctor working in accordance with ethical principles then we will protest. There is no "acceptable cost" in end...

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