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Doctors: Decision makers, think of the patient!

MedExpress Team

Published Oct. 2, 2023 08:38

Doctors: Decision makers, think of the patient! - Header image
Fot. Jacek Sielski
Several hundred doctors protested in front of the Health Ministry building on Saturday, demonstrating their opposition to mediocrity in health care, manifested, among other things, in the changes taking place in pre-graduate education. The picket lasted about two hours; no one from the Health Ministry to the medics came out.

The demonstration was organized by the OZZL and the OZZL Residents' Agreement. The Medical Council did not officially support the protest, but many district chambers organized transport, and some members of the Supreme Medical Council were also present in front of the Ministry.

Grazyna Cebula-Kubat, chairwoman of the All-Poland Doctors Trade Union, starting the protest, spoke of the need for a long-term, well-thought-out health care reform that guarantees comprehensive care for patients. - There is a need for a reform that will guarantee the financial stability of medical entities, and the organization of work in them will attract young medical students to work, she ...

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