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Important ruling on insurance rates for doctors

MedExpress Team


Published April 5, 2023 14:07

Important ruling on insurance rates for doctors - Header image
- This is a landmark ruling for all post-internship doctors. A step towards a unified line of jurisprudence, breaking the previous position of the Supreme Court towards doctors and dentists setting up a business after postgraduate internship," says Michal Bulsa, president of the Regional Medical Council in Szczecin.

The verdict came in the second half of March before the District Court in Szczecin. The law firm Lizak, Stankiewicz, Królikowski s.c., represented by attorney-at-law Emilia Gorzałczyńska on behalf of the District Medical Chamber, won a lawsuit on the right to pay pension and disability insurance premiums at a preferential rate by doctors and dentists who, after completing their postgraduate internship, set up a business and continue working for the same employer.

As lawyers working with the Regional Medical Chamber in Szczecin point out, the ru...

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