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General protest by farmers in Germany will hit Polish doctors

MedExpress Team

Published Jan. 8, 2024 09:01

General protest by farmers in Germany will hit Polish doctors - Header image
Fot. Cezary Aszkiełowicz / Agencja Gazeta
Every day dozens - if not hundreds - of doctors, nurses, medical caregivers and pharmacists cross the Polish-German border. They work in Schwedt, Locknitz or Prenzlau. Their situation has been difficult for some time for several reasons, such as border controls. They are bracing themselves for even more serious difficulties on Monday, when there will be a general strike of farmers in Germany.

Farmers are expected to block much of the access roads on the Polish-German border. The situation will be felt in Kolbaskowo or Lubieszyn, among other places.

Concerned about the situation is the medical community. A huge number of doctors, nurses and pharmacists commute from Szczecin to work every day.

- The topic is already being dealt ...

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