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Polish Midwife Day

The midwife is most important in planning a birth

MedExpress Team

Barbara Mietkowska

Published May 8, 2024 08:00

The midwife is most important in planning a birth - Header image
In an interview with Natalia Jaskólska, a midwife practicing at the UCK WUM on the occasion of Polish Midwife Day we find out that this profession is not only the supervision of the physiology of pregnancy, safety of labor and postpartum, but much more. And in fact, this "more" turns out to be the most important.

Childbirth is a unique, most intimate and yet natural event in a woman's life. Since the dawn of time, it has taken place assisted by other women, midwives and now midwives (including men). Why doesn't this change?

Natalia Jaskólska: The support of other, once experienced, now also medically well-educated women, helps to get through it safely. What one feels then, not only physically, but also emotionally, is often difficult, surprising and challenging. Valuable at such a time is support and understanding.

Today The parturient herself can decide many things about childbirth?

A prepared woman, who is aware of how childbirth takes place and what it entails, can decide on a great many issues. Starting with the choice of the place of delivery and the possibility of dedicated midwife care (not in all facilities), the choice of a loved one accompanying the birth, the choice of methods of pain relief, positions in the first and second periods of labor, and the decision of who will cut the umbilical cord.

But still in planning a birth the midwife is the most important. When is it a good idea to start working with her?

Today, fewer and fewer women are having children, and at later and later ages. As a result, they lack "first-hand" knowledge from their grandmother or mother, information on how it all works. Admittedly, there are many forums on the Internet where women exchange experiences, but these are often places where you can acquire a pani...

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