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The National Health Service has issued a communiqué on pharmacy duty.

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Published Jan. 23, 2024 09:59

The National Health Service has issued a communiqué on pharmacy duty. - Header image
Fot. Tomasz Kobosz
The National Health Fund has issued a communication to pharmacy operators on on-call duty. It is about the work of pharmacies at night and on holidays. On-call work is financed by public funds.

Regulations introducing the possibility of designating pharmacies to carry out on-call services financed from the Fund's resources took effect on January 1, 2024. Fund financing is provided for on-call services carried out at a community pharmacy designated in a resolution of the county board. If the county board designates in the resolution several pharmacies to perform on-call duties on particular days (unevenly), the Fund will finance on-call duties separately at each of the designated pharmacies.

The Fund covers the cost of one on-call type on a particular day. For example, if two pharmacies are designated to perform an on-call duty of one type on a particular day, the Fund's funding is available to one pharmacy.

On-call services financed by the Fund are divided into full...

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