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ZUS kontroluje zwolnienia

PPOZ: it is incomprehensible and scandalous for us

MedExpress Team


Published May 10, 2022 15:19

PPOZ: it is incomprehensible and scandalous for us - Header image
- The questioning by the Social Insurance Institution of sick leaves issued during teleportation is not only incomprehensible, but even scandalous. Firstly, telepaths were legally sanctioned, and secondly, they did not prohibit - in necessary situations - referring a patient to sickness benefit - comments Bożena Janicka, president of the Alliance of Healthcare Employers.

The main reason for the objections of ZUS is the lack of direct, objective examination of the patient in a doctor's office.

- Teleporady has been practiced in medicine (not only in Polish) since ages. From September 2019, they were regulated, sanctioned by law and did not take away any tools from doctors in ...

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