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Let's go back to the DDM principle!

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Published Jan. 9, 2023 14:07

Let's go back to the DDM principle! - Header image
Not only COVID-19, but all kinds of deadly viruses are wreaking havoc among Polish patients. Crowded clinics, occupied beds in hospitals... The spread of pathogens is favored not only by the weather (temperature fluctuations and high humidity), but also by unjustified carelessness!

- Self-discipline is necessary to stop the infection epidemic, i.e. a return to the wise DDM principle (distance, disinfection, mask). When we feel sick, we stay home! – appeals Bożena Janicka, president of the Association of Healthcare Employers.

Currently, apart from COVID-19, the biggest threat is the raging flu, RSV (the most common cause of acute respiratory infections among children, often fatal among patients under six months of age), as well as adenoviru...

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