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Disturbing trend. Patients wait up to 100 days in Poland for an MRI to be performed and described.

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Published Nov. 15, 2023 10:03

Disturbing trend. Patients wait up to 100 days in Poland for an MRI to be performed and described. - Header image
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The queue for a normal MRI scan averages 80 days and is 22 days longer than in October 2021. In addition, patients wait 27 days for a description of the scan. This is one week longer than two years ago. The waiting time for a CT scan with a description has increased slightly. In 2021 it was 51 days, now it's 56. The Alivia Oncofoundation also examined how long the wait is for a first visit to an oncologist. Without a referral, it's as long as 39 days. It's also worth noting the significant discrepancies between provinces.

The issue of the availability of health services and queues for examinations and specialists has been controversial and hotly debated for years. The release of funding limits for MRI and CT examinations in April 2019 resulted in a significant reduction in waiting times in queues, but an increasing trend has been observed since 2021. One reason for this is the low availability of radiologists and equipment used for imaging diagnosis.

According to the Health at Glance 2023 report, Poland has one of the lowest rates among OECD countries in terms of the number of MRI, CT and PET scanners per million inhabitants.

We fare no better in terms of the number of examinations performed (CT, RM, PET). The average among OECD countries is 254 examinations per 1,000 inhabitants. In Poland

Only 171 of them are performed, which puts us 6th from last in the ranking. We are only ahead of Costa Rica. Romania, Bulgaria, Chile and the United ...

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