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Alcohol promotions outrage doctors

MedExpress Team

Published April 29, 2024 09:32

Alcohol promotions outrage doctors - Header image
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And they appeal: Don't let it be an almayday. In theory, May Day begins on May 1, but this year the layout of the calendar means that by taking three days off we can have up to nine days to rest from our professional obligations. If we use this time for relaxation and physical activity it will have a positive impact on our mental health, for example. - Long weekends are characterized by the fact that we drink more than usual, which influences the fact that barbecues or family picnics cannot be imagined without beer, wine or stronger spirits, says psychologist Sebastian Kolanski. Psychiatrists are outraged that discounters and retail chains have not stopped promoting alcohol for May Day.

"If we have a long weekend we drink more because there are more days off," he said.

Statistically, up to 50% of the budget we have for May vacation will be spent on alcohol. These are frightening statistics that confirm the fears of doctors and experts of the District Medical Chamber in Szczecin. May Day is increasingly turning into an alcove, and this has a negative impact on what our leisure habits are.

- I have serious concerns about stimulants on May Day. Many people reach for alcohol because they only associate the use of stimulants with relaxation, rest and the abil...

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