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Why do GPs encourage patients to establish IKP?

MedExpress Team


Published June 6, 2022 14:41

Why do GPs encourage patients to establish IKP? - Header image
Family medicine specialists encourage you to use IKP, because there are many benefits - you can get an e-prescription by SMS or e-mail, receive an e-referral without leaving your home or check the coronavirus test results. Unfortunately, the first authorization to the system for the elderly is quite a challenge.

The Internet Patient Account is a digital collection of information about our health condition. If we authorize such an account, we can use many services of the health care system without leaving home. You do not have to establish IKP, because every citizen with a PESEL number has IKP. But in order to fully use this system, you need to authorize the account. And here comes the problem.

- Authorization must be made by the ban...

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