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More and more elderly people in Poland. The latest data and challenges for care

MedExpress Team

Published Jan. 22, 2024 08:52

More and more elderly people in Poland. The latest data and challenges for care - Header image
According to the latest CSO report on the situation of the elderly in Poland in 2022, the number of people aged 60 and over will reach 9.8 million, up 0.7% from the previous year. The largest age group among our country's seniors is already 65-69 years old. Women predominate among the elderly, with 139 women for every 100 men. And what are the prospects for the future? The data leave no doubt - Polish society is aging at an alarming rate: in 2060, 11.9 million elderly people are expected to live in Poland, 21.0% more than in 2022, accounting for 38.3% of the total population. The Polish Home Care Association is drawing attention to emerging new challenges in providing basic care. Many Poles cannot afford to provide for themselves and their families in old age. There is also no insurance in Poland to provide dignified care for those who will require this assistance. Meanwhile, the Polish care industry is developing relatively well... but abroad, mainly in Germany.

According to the CSO report, the majority of senior citizens in Poland live in cities. The highest percentage of people over 60 was recorded in the Świętokrzyskie province. According to forecasts, the number of seniors is expected to grow steadily until 2060. This is a great challenge for the state. Already the waiting time for doctors of selected specialties is several months or even years. More geriatricians will be needed, of which there are currently only more than 500 in Poland. A great problem will also be the insufficient number of caregivers working in the Polish market.

Aging is not a very attractive topic

The CSO report draws attention to the huge problem of the aging Polish population. Meanwhile, as the Polish Home Care Association points out, there is very little talk in our country about the challenges involved. Poles should demand better systemic care for seniors and proper care for them, as statistical forecasts leave no illusions.

- The topic of aging has still not gained due attention in Poland, meanwhile, confronting the problem of providing care for seniors in their own homes is becoming inevitable. This is a significant challenge to civilization, because we are threatened not only by the deterioration of the quality of life of the po...

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