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Problems of the health care system according to the Ombudsman. The list is long

MedExpress Team

Published Feb. 23, 2024 08:58

Problems of the health care system according to the Ombudsman. The list is long - Header image
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Long queues to specialist doctors, access to anesthesia during childbirth, provision of nursing staff in nursing homes, access to health care for seniors and people with disabilities, revision of working time standards and staffing of on-call doctors - these are just some of the problems of the health care system identified by the Ombudsman, forwarded to the Patient Ombudsman. The list is long...

- The information presented in this letter is only a part of the measures I have recently taken to improve the situation of patients in the area of health care," Marcin Wiącek wrote to Bartholomew Chmiellow. He addressed the ROP on problems in the health care system that require increased oversight.

Access to anesthesia during labor. According to data from the National Health Service, more than half of maternity hospitals did not provide a single epidural during labor in 2022. And on average, nationally, the percentage of deliveries with anesthesia is only 14%.

The NHF's legal guarantee of the possibility of receiving a particular service in the absence of a real possibility of obtaining it in many hospitals may therefore be a sham. On the other hand, the lack of an actual possibility of administering anesthesia may indicate a violation of the patient's rights to respect for dignity and intimacy and treatment of pain, as well as the right to health services that meet the requirements of current medical knowledge.

There is no regulation of the use of coercive measures against patients in non-psychiatric wards, such as oncology patients or patients after surgery. Only the use of coercion on patients with mental disorders is regulated by law. Meanwhile, direct coercion in non-psychiatric wards is commonly used because in patients, such as after surgery, the patient does not control his behavior. It is then necessary to use direct coercion, but there is no legal framework defining the permissible limits of its use, the obligation to report or the maximum immobilization of the person


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