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Changes in screening for colorectal cancer

MedExpress Team


Published April 15, 2022 09:32

Changes in screening for colorectal cancer - Header image
The draft ordinance of the Minister of Health amending the ordinance on guaranteed benefits in the field of health programs was submitted for consultation.

The development of this project was dictated by the need to ensure the continuity of the implementation of screening for colorectal cancer. So far, the program has been implemented on the basis of the National Program for Combating Cancer Diseases, replaced by the National Oncological Strategy - NSO.

According to this document (area 3 Investments in the patient - Secondary Prevention; action 11.4) - from 2022, screening colonoscopy is financed by the National Health Fund, hereinafter referred to as "NFZ".
The assumption and goal of the colorectal cancer screening program is to improve the quality and effectiveness of colorectal cancer detection in beneficiaries.
The need to implement the screening program for colorectal ca...

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