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Coordinated care strengthens primary care

MedExpress Team


Published April 21, 2023 13:01

Coordinated care strengthens primary care - Header image
Fot. MedExpress TV
Thanks to coordinated care, PCPs have gained the opportunity to better use their expertise to provide patients with better, and in fact appropriate, medical care. Will this also reduce the pressure on AOS?

This was one of the questions posed by participants in a panel discussion on the relationship between PCPs and AOS at the Health Advocates Congress, held in Warsaw this week. Data available to the National Health Insurance Fund shows that interest among PCPs in joining the coordinated care model is very high - significantly higher than expected last fall. More than 1.1 thousand entities have already signed contracts, with another hundred submitted applications queued up for consideration - that's effectively 20 percent of all providers (there are about 6.2 thousand POZ entities), which, as Prof. Agnies...

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