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Health spending: The president signed the bill

MedExpress Team


Published Dec. 22, 2022 14:52

Health spending: The president signed the bill - Header image
Fot: Andrzej Hrechorowicz;
The president did not take into account the requests for a veto and signed the amendment to the Act on the Professions of Physician and Dentist. This means a loss - as experts estimate and the stakeholders of the health care system fear - about PLN 13 billion from the budget of the National Health Fund only next year.

The act, signed by Andrzej Duda, transfers the financing of all health services from the budget of the Minister of Health (those that still remained in it) to the National Health Fund. These include emergency medical services, treatment programs for patients with haemophilia and AIDS/HIV, a program of free medicines for seniors and pregnant women, preventive vaccinations under the PSO and highly specialized procedures. It costs over PLN 5.5 billion. In addition, the National Healt...

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