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Bielański Hospital operates on heart defects in fetuses

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Published Jan. 11, 2024 10:13

Bielański Hospital operates on heart defects in fetuses - Header image
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At the end of 2023, interventional procedures for critical heart defects in fetuses will be added to the surgeries performed at Warsaw's Bielański Hospital. - The smallest hearts require the care of top-notch specialists and the best quality equipment, stresses Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski.

Operations on fetal hearts are most often performed between the 24th and 33rd weeks of pregnancy and are among the most difficult intrauterine procedures. At the end of last year, specialists at Warsaw's Bielański Hospital performed four such procedures.

- We specialize in pregnancies complicated by fetal congenital malformations, and I am very pleased that we perform very important prenatal therapy procedures on fetal hearts. We ...

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