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Lyme disease: There's a ruling on the use of the ILADS method

MedExpress Team

Published April 19, 2024 09:29

Lyme disease: There's a ruling on the use of the ILADS method - Header image
The use of the ILADS method in the treatment of Lyme disease is incompatible with current medical knowledge and violates patient rights, the Patient Ombudsman's position was confirmed by the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw.

According to the Office of the Patient Ombudsman, on April 18, 2024, the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw dismissed a complaint by one of the medical entities against a decision (dated October 2023) by the Patient Ombudsman recognizing the use of practices that violate the patient's collective right to use the ILADS method on patients for Lyme disease.

It should be recalled that the above method assumes, among other things, the existence of "chronic" Lyme disease and its treatment fraught with many dangerous side effects - using long-term, months-long antibiot...

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