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ILADS treatment of Lyme disease. There is a first fine!

MedExpress Team

Published May 15, 2024 08:27

ILADS treatment of Lyme disease. There is a first fine! - Header image
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The Patient Ombudsman has imposed the first penalty regarding treatment of Lyme disease according to ILADS guidelines.

It should be recalled that the above-mentioned guidelines stipulate the use in patients with "chronic" Lyme disease (while current medical knowledge does not know of such a disease entity), of long-term, multi-month antibiotic therapy, also using more than one antibiotic at a time. The binding standards stipulate the use of a single antibiotic for up to 30 days in the treatment of properly diagnosed Lyme disease. Expert opinions on the matter obtained by the Patient Ombudsman unequivocally indicate that treatment according to the ILADS guidelines and criteria is incompatible with current medical knowledge, has no medical justification, is not effective, and even causes significant harm to the patient's health. The consequences of months of antibiotic therapy can be catastro...

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