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New list of psychotropic substances and narcotics

MedExpress Team


Published Dec. 8, 2023 10:05

New list of psychotropic substances and narcotics - Header image
A Draft Regulation of the Minister of Health amending the Regulation on the list of psychotropic substances, narcotics and new psychoactive substances has been submitted for consultation.

Psychoactive substances exhibit effects on the central nervous system, can pose a potential threat to human health and life and cause social harm, and given the lack of widespread awareness of the dangers of new psychoactive substances, it is imperative to reduce their availability without delay. These substances have been identified not only in the territory of the Republic of Poland, but also occur in the territory of other European Union countries. The dangers of new psychoactive substances affect particularly vulnerable groups, especially young people. Failure to prohibit the use of a substance can create, a mistaken impression of its harmlessness. Unauthorized possession of new psychoactive substances is subject to criminal liability. Authorities of the State Sanitary Inspectorate, in cooperation with the Presiden...

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