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New launch of the Polish Lymphoma Research Group

MedExpress Team

Published Feb. 22, 2024 09:59

New launch of the Polish Lymphoma Research Group - Header image
The Polish Lymphoma Research Group (PLRG) is an association of specialists involved in the treatment of patients with lymphomas of various types, which has been operating since 2008. The year 2023 was a time of change for PLRG. Prof. Jan Maciej Zaucha, MD, head of the Department of Hematology and Transplantology at the Medical University of Gdansk, was appointed president. The Association's logo and website got a new look.

The new logotype consists of acronyms derived from the name "Polish Lymphoma Research Group," arranged in the form of a signet ring. The rounded form is intended to allude to elements such as lymph nodes and the structure of lymphocytes. The choice of red and white colors indicates the Group's place of origin and its medical nature.

At provides information about the Association: its goals, the composition of the Board of Directors and the working groups operating within the PLRG. The site also feat...

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