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NFZ reminds: Students, take care of your health insurance

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Published Sept. 29, 2023 11:21

NFZ reminds: Students, take care of your health insurance - Header image
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The academic year is about to begin. Young people and their parents, in the flurry of things, fail to remember a very important issue: health insurance. Its absence comes to light at the time of illness, when the clinic or hospital bills for treatment. The National Health Service reminds what conditions students must meet to be entitled to benefits.

Students are entitled to National Health Insurance benefits when they meet one of the conditions:

  • have their own title to insurance (e.g., employment contract, pension)
  • have been enrolled as a family member
  • Are reported for insurance by the university.

If a student is insured by his parents or university, and took a job during the vacation, he must be reported by his parents or university again upon his return!

If the student's employer paid health premiums for the student (e.g., when the student was employed under an employment contract), then the student automatically ceased to be insured as a family member, and had his own insurance status. Once the student finishes work and returns to the university, when the premiums are no longer paid, the student is no longer insured. For this ...

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