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Research: COVID-19 mortality highest where air pollution is high

MedExpress Team


Published Aug. 25, 2022 12:32

Research: COVID-19 mortality highest where air pollution is high - Header image
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In August, in the journal Science of the Total Environment, a team of scientists presented a study that showed that the most polluted cities in Western Europe had significantly higher rates of death from COVID-19 than in others.

The authors emphasize that they examined only selected countries of the Old Continent (including France, Italy and Germany), where the pollution level is mostly low or moderate even in winter. They call for research to be carried out also in other European countries and on other continents to confirm the strong relationship between the intensity of air pollution and the high death rate due to COVID-19. That there is such a relationship, the results of earlier studies have already suggested - the latest ones only dot i.

Jean-Baptiste Renard, one of the authors of the published research, put...

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