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AOS: There will be an e-registration pilot. What benefits to start with?

MedExpress Team

Published May 22, 2024 09:35

AOS: There will be an e-registration pilot. What benefits to start with? - Header image
The Draft Regulation of the Minister of Health on the pilot program for central electronic registration for selected outpatient specialty care services and health programs has been submitted for consultation.

The draft regulation sets out the rules for conducting a pilot program of central electronic registration for selected health care services in the field of outpatient specialized care and health programs, the purpose of which is to evaluate the effectiveness of the new solution of central electronic registration (central e-registration, CeR) implemented using the functionality of the information and communication system referred to in Article 7(1) of the Act of April 28, 2011 on the health care information system (Journal of Laws of 2023, item 2465), hereinafter referred to as the "P1 system". The proposed solution implements the need to verify the solutions adopted to:

  1. Optimize the use of benefits and health care staff resources by reducing the number of patients' non-cancelled service appointments. Reducing the number of missed appointments will be achieved by providing appointment cancellation functionality in CeR
  2. Relieve providers of the administrative burden; related to maintaining waiting lists and schedules, and handling notifications sent and received from recipients;
  3. Increasing accessibility to health care services for the recipient (by making publicly available up-to-date information about available service dates, use of dates that have become vacant at the last minute, and more efficient management of service dates);
  4. Ensure transparent management of waiting lists and the central waiting list (by having the IT system partially take over the maintenance of schedules and providing easy access to inf...

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