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IMiD specialists help children with solid tumors

MedExpress Team


Published July 5, 2023 13:53

IMiD specialists help children with solid tumors - Header image
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Doctors at the Mother and Child Institute specialize in oncologic surgery for solid tumors outside the CNS using modern reconstructive techniques. In addition to their knowledge, skills and experience, they also use high-tech equipment for surgical treatment. This includes a specialized microscope, which was used for the complex surgery of Kacper, who suffers from Ewing's sarcoma. The boy had a malignant bone tumor removed with simultaneous vascularized fibula transplantation.

Kacper is one of about 90 children treated annually at IMiD's Department of Oncology and Oncologic Surgery for sarcoma. Among other things, the facility specializes in oncologic surgery for solid tumors outside the CNS (Central Nervous System) using innovative reconstructive techniques. The boy is struggling with Ewing's sarcoma - the second most common bone tumor in children and adolescents after osteosarcoma. Approximately 20-25 children develop it annually - the 6-year-old was just among this group, although the peak incidence is between the ages of 15 and 19.

- Kacper is a cheerful boy, playful and sociable, very physically active. He is being raised by his mother alone, as he lost his dad in an accident less than 3 years ago. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for him, and the doctors are doing their bes...

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