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What about prophylaxis? Why Poles do not want to be tested?

MedExpress Team


Published April 13, 2022 17:08

What about prophylaxis? Why Poles do not want to be tested? - Header image
30 percent Poles declare that they regularly perform preventive examinations, and another 44 percent. - that he performs them "from time to time" - results from a study carried out by the My Patients Foundation in cooperation with the Patient Ombudsman. The Foundation points out, however, that the declarations are not entirely, to put it very mildly, in line with reality.

"The positive attitude towards preventive examinations declared by the respondents may raise optimism. However, the official data of the National Health Fund regarding the actual reporting to preventive actions are not so positive. The information from the National Health Fund shows that before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of participants in prophylactic programs - e.g. mammography and cytology - was higher than during the pandemic "- comments the My Patients Foundation. who perform tests under the cervical cancer prevention program, was around 15-17 percent. More women - almost 40 percent - participate in the prevention of breast cancer. T...

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