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Ukraine: Millions of patients need support

MedExpress Team


Published March 18, 2022 10:07

Ukraine: Millions of patients need support - Header image
Fot. Getty Images/iStockphoto
Up to 2 million people with rare diseases remained in Ukraine. There is a lack of basic medications and medical products, which in the case of some diseases is directly threatening to life. The supplies bought three weeks ago may not be enough for long, and the pharmacy warehouses are empty.

Help for those in need is provided by the Polish Medical Mission, which, together with its partners, has already prepared several transports to Ukrainian hospitals.

Currently, around two million people live in Ukraine with rare diseases. Another several million people suffer from other diseases that require constant access to health care, such as diabetes and cancer. Insulin and antiepileptic drugs are urgently needed, hospitals have run out of oxygen almost from the first day of the war, and cancer patients canno...

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