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Doctors Without Borders plans to scale up operations in Sudan

MedExpress Team

MedExpress Team

Doctors Without Borders plans to scale up operations in Sudan - Header image
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Médecins Sans Frontières' immediate response teams are ready to provide assistance in embattled Sudan. The organization is calling on the warring parties to ensure the safety of medical personnel and patients. It is also calling for medical supplies to be able to be delivered to medical facilities and those in need.

Médecins Sans Frontières has no plans to leave Sudan and continues to provide aid where possible. The organization is analyzing where and how to scale up its response to the crisis. For this, it is necessary to ensure the safety of patients and staff. Due to the conflict, airports across the country have become the scene of heavy fighting, have been damaged and have remained closed since April 15.

- Experienced Doctors Without Borders immediate response teams are on standby to enter Sudan to scale up our operations. Meanwhile, we are identifying the best ways and means to get humanitarian and medical supplies into the country ," says Kate Nolan, deputy director of operations for Doctors Without Borders.

- The reopening of the airports is necessary so ...

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