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Armed men attacked doctors

MedExpress Team

Published July 21, 2023 12:59

Armed men attacked doctors - Header image
Fot. iStock/Getty Images
On July 20, in the afternoon hours, four Doctors Without Borders employees, four truck drivers and 10 other workers were detained by a group of armed men. The incident took place while transporting medical supplies to the Turkish Hospital in southern Khartoum, where Doctors Without Borders works.

After a dispute over the reasons for Doctors Without Borders' actions, armed men aggressively attacked the organization's employees, beating and flogging them. They also detained the driver of one of the vehicles. The armed men threatened the driver with death before letting him go. They then stole the vehicle. In the wake of this horrific incident, Doctors Without Borders warns that the organization's operations at this hospital are now in serious jeopardy and will not be able to continue unless minimum security guarantees are provided.

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