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Help for Ukrainian citizens is essential

MedExpress Team


Published April 12, 2022 13:05

Help for Ukrainian citizens is essential - Header image
Every day, Ukrainian patients seek help from primary care physicians. There are many more of them in the eastern provinces of Poland. Doctors give them advice, collect a medical interview, issue prescriptions, and in many cases even buy these drugs, because Ukrainian citizens are not yet entitled to reimbursed drugs, despite the government's loud declarations.

And since there is no refund, some prescription drugs remain on paper. Many refugees do not have the money to buy drugs.

- Unrefunded drugs are sometimes very expensive. Diabetes and asthmatic drugs - they cost so much that we know immediately that they will not be bought by refugees. We help, or the families with whom they are staying - says Joanna Zabielska-Cieciuch, vice-president of the Podlasie Association of Doctors Employers Zielona Góra Agreement.

As reported by doctors associated with the Zielona Góra Agreement, the most frequent patients are children. Mothers come with them because they have a cold, they have a fever, runny nose, and sometimes stomach problems. Doctors know very well that one visit is unlikely to end.

In nearby Augustów, there...

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