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From social campaigns to American "Vogue"

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Published May 9, 2024 09:00

From social campaigns to American "Vogue" - Header image
Malina Wieczorek, president of the "SM Walcz o siebie" foundation, initiator of the "School of Motivation", painter, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, is a guest on "Wyszło na Miasto". We all know her from her work on behalf of patients with multiple sclerosis and numerous social campaigns. Today a conversation about art and great artistic success.

Malina, how did you do it? How do you ensure your place in the print version of the American fashion bible?

Indeed, I appeared in the April American edition of "Vogue" in Manhattan as a featured artist, by New York art gallery and art operator Artifact. I'm now waiting for a shipment of "Vogue" magazine, because unfortunately I couldn't make it to New York when the show was on. But I am very happy, because it is indeed a great fun to show my paintings in just such a magazine, which shows fashion and way of life at the most exclusive level. So I have great joy and satisfaction.

Is the art market a tough market? Most of the graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts, somewhere are lost.

For me, this is another professional challenge. At one point, after the Academy of Fine Arts, when I was exhibiting my works, professionally I also did other things, for example, I was involved in social campaigns. I built the Motivation School Foundation. Later, doing all this, I gained experience in other fields as well. In view of this, with my art, which is conceptual, this experience was extremely valuable. Looking at the art market at the moment, I have to admit that it's actually marketing. Besides the fact that these works are simply beautiful, they can decorate someone's home, residence or office (for example, corporations buy entire collections). Gathering life experiences and translating them into conceptual art was another developmental step for me in my career, but also in the development of my identity as a human being, not only as a creator, a person who realizes herself in the various fields of art that is life.

The ma...

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