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Leszek Borkowski

Rzeszow on target for Legionella pneumophila

MedExpress Team

Dr Leszek Borkowski

Published Aug. 23, 2023 08:15

Rzeszow on target for Legionella pneumophila - Header image
Fot. arch. pryw.
This Gram negative aerobic bacillus reproduces in water, favored by calcium and magnesium deposits and the presence of other accompanying microorganisms. At a temperature of about 40 degrees it feels like a fish in water.

Legionella lives in natural and artificial bodies of water, plumbing, taps and strainers of faucets and showers, air conditioning /work, entertainment/vehicles/, humidification equipment, whirlpools, thermal pools, spa pools, medical devices.

Massacre! I've listed all the things I love most during the hot weather.

The disease historically known as legionellosis is a severe respiratory illness that attacks the lungs.

The bacterium multiplies inside alveolar macrophages and blood monocytes.

Plumbers and tourists /India/ are sometimes a group prone to infections.

The disease is not transmitted by drinking contaminated water.

The disease is transmitted by inhalation of water aerosol, e.g....

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