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Medicines 75 plus. MZ promises to solve pressing problem

MedExpress Team


Published May 10, 2023 10:32

Medicines 75 plus. MZ promises to solve pressing problem - Header image
The Health Ministry will withdraw from the provision that said drugs produced in Poland are to be included in the so-called S list. The ministry is also announcing changes that will make it possible for specialists to prescribe medications to 75+ patients, without requiring the patient to have his or her medical records reviewed at the CIP.

On Tuesday, members of the Parliamentary Committee on Senior Citizens' Policy heard information from the Minister of Health regarding the issuance of prescriptions for free drugs for people over 75 (the "S" list). The discussion around the topic was dominated by two issues - the practical possibilities for AOS doctors to issue prescriptions for free drugs for seniors, and what drugs are to be included in this list.

Originally, only primary care physicians had the ability to prescribe drugs under the "S" list; relatively recently, specialists practicing under the AOS have also been granted this right. However, in order for a specialist doc...

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