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NMOSD patients are waiting for real access to reimbursed treatment

MedExpress Team


Published Dec. 19, 2022 10:59

NMOSD patients are waiting for real access to reimbursed treatment - Header image
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From November 1, 2022, a new drug program B.138.FM is in force, addressed to the treatment of people with the spectrum of optic neuritis and spinal cord inflammation (NMOSD). As part of it, patients are to receive a modern drug from the class of monoclonal antibodies - satralizumab. However, despite the fact that two months have passed since the publication of the November list of reimbursed drugs, the drug is still not available to patients who, due to the aggressive course of the disease, need it immediately. Tomasz Połeć, chairman of the Polish Multiple Sclerosis Society, talks about the urgent need to ensure real access to this therapy.

The Polish Society of Multiple Sclerosis also associates and represents people with NMOSD. Why?

Optic neuritis and spinal cord inflammation spectrum (NMOSD), also known as Devic's disease or syndrome, is a rare autoimmune disease of the nervous system that resembles multiple sclerosis. Like MS, it has periods of relapses and remissions, produces quite similar symptoms, and if left untreated, it quickly leads to irreversible disability. Some time ago, NMOSD was considered a type of multiple sclerosis - today we know that it is a separate disease
with a different mechanism of formation, and thus also requ...

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