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Prof. Miroslaw Ząbek

FUS technology wonderfully solves the problem of many patients with tremor

MedExpress Team


Published April 27, 2023 14:00

FUS technology wonderfully solves the problem of many patients with tremor - Header image
We discuss the advantages of FUS treatment of tremors with Prof. Miroslaw Ząbek, head of the CMKP Department of Neurosurgery, coordinator of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Mazovian Bródno Hospital, and director of the Gamma Knife Center in Warsaw.

What is FUS technology all about?

This is the latest device to be introduced in Poland - first to Bródnowski Hospital, now to Medicover Hospital. It is an advanced technology for patients with tremor in Parkinson's disease, or with the disease entity spontaneous tremor. This device allows the tremor to be eliminated without opening the head. There is no danger that some damage can be done, for the reason that it is a concentrated dose of ultrasound guided to the target by means of magnetic resonance monitoring. First, the first damage is done, the so-called initial lethality, which is reversible. If we see that the symptoms subside, that it is the right place, then a second lezia is already performed with high temperature. Patients have gained a wonderful new method of treatment. Many patients after ...

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