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Conference on breast cancer in young women on May 12. Find out who Omejka is!

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Published May 10, 2023 09:32

Conference on breast cancer in young women on May 12. Find out who Omejka is! - Header image
The OmeaLife Foundation would like to invite you to a press briefing to be held on May 12, 2023 from 11:30 - 12:00 at the Almond Hotel (12 Torunska Street) in Gdansk, Poland. The meeting is part of Omejka's educational conference on the latest news from the world of medicine important for young women with breast cancer. The conference will be attended by more than 200 patients from all over Poland, and the speakers will be prominent physicians from selected oncology centers.


On May 12, an educational conference called "Omejka" will be held for young women with breast cancer and their family members.

During the conference, the latest reports from the world of medicine will be presented, which particularly concern young breast cancer patients. Among other things, we will talk about how modern medicine has changed and how this affects patients' lives. Sessions with experts will include: primary and secondary prevention, the latest recommendations in the area of surgical, systemic and targeted treatment for individual patients. Ways ...

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