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Support for organ and tissue donation processes - invitation

MedExpress Team

Published Dec. 19, 2023 10:00

Support for organ and tissue donation processes - invitation - Header image
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The Ministry of Health, together with the "Poltransplant" Organizational and Coordinating Center for Transplantation, is completing the project titled: "Supporting organ and tissue donation processes through the development and implementation of a hospital donation quality system and accreditation standards, as well as strengthening the competencies of hospital donation coordinators and management staff of health care entities." The project was co-financed by EU funds under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development (POWER).

About 380 hospitals have been identified in Poland that meet the basic criteria for donation potential - they have an intensive care unit, stroke unit or neurosurgical intensive care unit. However, only 60 to 80 hospitals were actively reporting deceased donors with confirmed brain death. Approx. 10 hospitals reported 10 or more potential donors per year and accounted for about 35% of all reports. For hospital donations, reporting of potential tissue donors, including eye tissue, with no link to organ donation was also rare.

The main intention of the project was ...

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