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Health system in cases of violence against women and girls in crisis situations

MedExpress Team


Published June 1, 2023 14:11

Health system in cases of violence against women and girls in crisis situations - Header image
The World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office in Poland, together with national partners, has issued a Polish-language version of guidelines aimed at strengthening the health system's capacity to respond to cases of violence against women and girls in emergencies. According to the WHO, during emergencies, including conflict and natural disasters, women and children are more vulnerable to sexual violence and violence by partners with whom they have intimate relationships, as well as other forms of violence, including sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine in February 2022, an estimated 8.5 million refugees have left their homeland to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Poland has shown unprecedented support for border crossers, among whom were mainly women and children seeking protection and safety, by providing temporary shelter to 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine so far.

Meeting the health needs of those affected by the crisis placed a significant burden on the host country, including Poland. Providing assistance in cases of violence was particularly difficult.

Rates of violence against women and girls in Ukraine were already high before the conflict began. In 2018. WHO conducted the largest survey on violence against women in Ukraine, which found that nearly one in five women (18%) aged 15-49 participating in the survey had experienced physical and/or sexual violence from a partner at least once in their lives...

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