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Veganuary: in excess, meat harms health

MedExpress Team

Irena Piekarska

Published Jan. 16, 2024 20:00

Veganuary: in excess, meat harms health - Header image
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It seems that everyone already knows that excessive meat consumption has adverse effects on health. Despite this, its consumption continues to grow worldwide. Based on a number of international studies, it is clear that the change in eating habits that is necessary for health and the climate is still to come.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the WHO structures, has included cold cuts and processed meats on its list of carcinogens, along with smoking, air pollution and the harmful effects of asbestos. Especially those containing little meat in their composition and a lot of additives, which become toxic during the heat treatment process. Of course, meat in itself is not harmful, it becomes so when it is eaten in excess and in bad proportions in relation to vegetables, fruits and grain products. The Pyramid of Healthy Eating clearly specifies that currently on the so-called healthy plate there should be at least 50 percent of vegetables and fruits, while only a quarter should be occupied by zoonotic products, that is, in addition to meat, eggs, milk, cheese. According to these recommendations, meat should not be eaten every day. This is the only way to reduce improper fermentation processes in the digestive tract, and the harmful effects of saturated fatty acids and fat, which promote the development...

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