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Is a tired doctor a good doctor?

MedExpress Team

Published Jan. 29, 2024 10:00

Is a tired doctor a good doctor? - Header image
The social campaign "I am a doctor, I am a man" shows what is not obvious at first glance in the medical profession. Bureaucracy, constant tension and stress, staff shortages, limits, queues. Powerlessness in the face of the system. Many of these factors have a negative impact on the quality of the relationship between doctor and patient - most doctors have to face them every day, and yet in the eyes of the patient they remain a "living shield" of systemic malaise.

The initiative of the Supreme and District Medical Chambers shows that the patient and the doctor are on the same side. It aims to break down bad feelings and tensions between doctors and patients in the health care system. Often patients feel that they are not taken care of and treated objectively, which they sometimes blame doctors for. The campaign aims to highlight that both doctor and patient are victims of a malfunctioning system that makes it difficult to build and maintain good relationships.

The medical association aims to change this through education and promoting public awareness. "Together for Health, Together for a Better System" ...

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