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Social activity - an important part of therapy

MedExpress Team

Published Dec. 7, 2023 12:54

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Every day 500 people leave our labor market! In light of OECD and Social Insurance Institution data - the rate of inactivity after the age of 50 in Poland is among the highest in the EU. 800,000 people of working age give up their labor force to perform caregiving duties.

In 2022, disability expenditures amounted to 46 billion zlotys, increasing by more than 1.6 billion zlotys compared to 2021.

In the face of these disturbing trends, the urgent challenge of our economy is to activate those who are indispensable to us, and for whom work could be a boon. Seniors, patients and their caregivers are people for whom the possibility of work, in conditions and dimensions adapted to their situation, would restore a sense of meaning, belonging, dignity. It is also difficult to overestimate the earning potential for a person in old age or health crisis, keeping in mind that the impoverishment caused by this crisis is experienced not only by the patient, but by his or her entire family.

The reasons and consequences of the inactivity of such a large number of our citizens, for themselves and the country's economic situation, were discussed on December 5 during the Medical Rationale of State debate.

- The demographic context requires immediate intervention. All the cited processes will accelerate in the coming years due to the decreasing number of people feeding the labor market, creating GDP. Also of concern is the health condition of young Poles, who, when entering the labor market, will already be weaker than their grandparents' parents' generation at the start. And yet - there is no healthy economy without a healthy society, and there will be no health capital without investment in health. That's why it is so important to shape attitudes that serve this purpose from an early age," appealed Dr. Malgorzata Galazka-Sobotka, director of the Institute of Healthcare Management at Lazarski University, vice chairwoman of the NFZ Council.

Prof. Artur Mamcarz, head of the Third Department of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at WUM, spoke about the importance of lifestyle medicine and the need to invest in education, raising awareness of how to act to minimize the risk of disease and stay fit for as long as possible, reminding that restorative medicine allows increasingly effective interventions in serious health crises caused by cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, systemically - we ...

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