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The 7th Patient Empowerment Congress is behind us

MedExpress Team

Piotr Wójcik

Published April 27, 2023 09:53

The 7th Patient Empowerment Congress is behind us - Header image
Fot. Igor Kohutnicki
- We all have been, are or will be patients. I would like to wish us all that the health care system is changing for the better. I think this is happening and the most important thing is consistency and determination in implementing changes," said Patient Ombudsman Bartlomiej Chmielowiec at the opening of the 7th Patient Empowerment Congress. This year's edition was held under the theme "Patient, Partner, Future."

The Patient Empowerment Congress is an initiative to make the voice of patients even more audible. During the two-day event, representatives of patient organizations, clinicians and ministers discussed the key challenges of increasing access to services, modern therapies or coordinated care models.

One of the most significant changes taking place in the health care system is the move toward ...

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