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40% of Polish women do not know the exact date when their last period began

MedExpress Team

Published Dec. 5, 2023 09:42

40% of Polish women do not know the exact date when their last period began - Header image
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As many as 40% of Polish women do not know the exact start date of their last period, and 63% do not monitor their cycle at all, a Huawei CBG Poland survey showed. Those surveyed who do keep track often use the support of technology - more than half of them use relevant calendars in smartphone apps on a daily basis (54%), and nearly 20% do it on a smartwatch. One in four cycle monitors record parameters manually in a paper calendar, which turns out not to be an entirely good solution. Why is cycle monitoring crucial to any woman's good health? Endocrinologist Magdalena Jagiello, MD, explains.

2 out of 5 Polish women do not know the date of their first cycle day - what does this mean?

Modern Polish women still do not know enough about their ovulation cycle. A very large percentage do not even know the exact date when their last period began - which is the first question when visiting a gynecologist or endocrinologist. This ignorance applies to as many as 40% of Polish women, half of whom (19%) declared that they never remember what day it was specifically, and the other half (21%) that they do not remember, but only know the approximate date. Respondents who know the exact date, the parameters are written down in a calendar - in an app, on paper or in a special function of a smartwatch, and this applies to 36% of Polish women. One in four doesn't make a note of it, because she relies on her memory - which, as it turns out, is sometimes unreliable.

As many as 63% of Polish women say they do not need cycle monitoring. This percentage increases with age: among the youngest, up to 24 years old, it is 36%, among 25-34 years old it is already 44%, among women between 35 and 49 years old - 49%, and after 50 it is 84%. Only 37% of Polish women monitor th...

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