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How to protect feet from ringworm?

MedExpress Team

Magdalena Biegańska

Published June 22, 2023 09:00

How to protect feet from ringworm? - Header image
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It is estimated that one in five Poles suffers from foot fungus. This common infection, which also affects the nails, can be prevented on your own. It is worth checking out how to avoid the risk of infection and how to deal with it yourself at an early stage.

Only daily foot care is really a guarantee of their health and walking comfort. However, often during the winter months, hidden in the proverbial thick socks and shoes, they are subjected to the "what's out of sight is out of mind" rule. Most are reminded of the need to carefully care for this part of the body only with the arrival of spring. Then when brought to light they do not meet aesthetic requirements, frighten with thickening and cracks, gray or yellow shade of dried skin loudly call for urgent action. It is not uncommon to find that the unattractive changes are caused by ringworm. Some of these ailments require a visit to a specialist: a podiatrist or dermatologist. Fortunately, in most cases, many problems can be remedied on their own.

One of the reasons that requires meticulous care is the prevention of foot and nail fungus. Recently, it has been a real bane of modern man. In order to diagnose the scale of the problem, the largest pan-European survey of foot disorders was conducted, in which 20 countries, including Poland, participated. Dermatologists examined nearly 40,000 patients in our country, men and women. It turned out that the most common condit...

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