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Bacteria for special tasks

MedExpress Team

Franka Durska

Published April 6, 2023 13:16

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Spring is a time of cleaning - we do it in our homes, gardens, we feel like taking care of ourselves and our loved ones with renewed energy, too. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Thanks to the study of the bacteria that populate the intestines, we know more and more how to do it.

We have written more than once about the gut and its importance not so much for the body, but for our lives in general. So we already know that they have a direct impact on our mood, our willingness or unwillingness to live, our hormonal balance, our body weight, our immunity or lack thereof. We also know that what effect they have on us depends largely on ourselves, i.e. how we eat and what lifestyle we lead.

Until a decade ago, the intestines were considered an unnecessarily twisted and oddly structured part of the digestive system. Research in recent years is indebted to the knowledge of what a remarkable organ it is: innervated and having a fundamental influence even on what is considered the command center of the brain. Not only on - as previously thought - metabolism. Since the knowledge of the almost extraordinary importance of the intestines for human health and life cannot be disputed, probably each of us from time to time asks ourselves: what else can I do for my intestines?

Because of their function, one of the first answers comes to mind: cleanse! Since they have become a celebrity among organs, you can find a lot of advice on the Internet on how to do this eff...

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