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Gluten - evil itself or a dietary whipping boy?

MedExpress Team

Ewa Stasiuk

Published March 24, 2023 11:15

Gluten - evil itself or a dietary whipping boy? - Header image
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Can gluten also harm those who do not have celiac disease or are not allergic to it? Can "non-celiac and nonallergic gluten sensitivity" somehow be diagnosed - we discuss this with Dr. Ewa Lange of the Department of Dietetics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

E.L.: There are no indicators by which one can unequivocally recognize this ailment. It should not be assumed that if I feel bad after eating a wheat roll, I probably have this type of gluten sensitivity and must remove it from my diet without any consultation. First you need to rule out celiac disease and allergy. Delayed allergic reaction is not always easy to catch.

Sometimes tens of hours elapse between a meal and symptoms, so it is difficult to associate cause and effect. The group of people with gluten hypersensitivity may include those with a delayed allergic reaction that is difficult to recognize. In the case of sensitization, the hypersensitivity only affects wheat proteins. From the point of view of diet, this is an important finding, because in this situation you can eat rye bread or barley groats without any risk.

The term "non-celiac and nonallergic gluten hypersensitivity" appeared eight years ago, and today there is rather a scientific retreat from the term, as it is a bag into which can be thrown a myriad of ailments with different causes, ranging from the already mentioned delayed allergic reaction to hypersensitivity to other ingredients that often accompany products with gluten.

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