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Feet on vacation

MedExpress Team


Published July 6, 2023 13:40

Feet on vacation - Header image
Fot. iStock/Getty Images
Beautiful sunny days encourage summer styling, and in them it is often the "uncovered" shoes that play the main role. And this inevitably attracts the eye to the feet... Which will make the feet always look like after a pedicure treatment, even if to the salon, literally, not at all on our way.

Feet don't have to be perfect - feet to be beautiful need to be healthy and well-groomed. Just as we have no control over their size and shape, the condition of the skin and nails depends entirely on us. Proper systematic care, tailored to their current needs, is the easiest and shortest way to beautiful feet. Sometimes just one cream is enough to solve all problems, like The Rich Foot Cream by Polish brand Herbu...

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